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Airmax 97 by Nike

The Nike Air Max 97 is a design classic and a child of the ’90s!  loved by everyone from the spice girls to athletes its an object in design that shows no sign of aging in a throw away world the Airmax 97 endures to this day. that’s very much of its time. Nike designer Christian Tresser’s cult creation has lasted the test of time.

Summer Fashion

Airmax 97 is a summer favourite with its light weight and breathable materials it’s easy to see why.

Classic Nike Footwear

Footwear to love for life

Being a popular shoe for so many years is no surprise. Its a design classic based on the Japanese bullit trains design.

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Help with back pain from running by a qualified osteopath


Nike Airmax are popular with runners but as with any sport you can get injured, back pain is common amongst runners.

Many runners will experience some form of back pain, especially lower back pain if they have been running for some time. Caused by the repetitive stress and impact running puts through your  body when running for a significant duration of time. problems with back pain can surface the your vertebrae and back musclesare aggravated during or after running and this causes the back pain. A great osteopath in Brighton is Bright Osteopathy, they can help with back pain caused by muscle injury and their friendly team can help with sports injuries as well as common back pain that will effect most people during their lifetime.

If you already have some lower back pain, continuing to run may exacerbate it. Lower back pain is very common with new runners and also runners who have taken some time off and come back too strong and too quickly.

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